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Counting Dollars or Measuring Value: Assessing NATO and Partner Burden Sharing

Discussion over transatlantic security spending has increasingly focused on whether NATO members are spending 2% of their GDP on defense and the merits of 2% as a metric for assessing burden sharing. In addition to analyzing current NATO metrics, this report examines several alternatives that provide a broader understanding of collective security contributions and could improve the rigor of security spending analysis.

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Defense Outlook 2018: Report

As the Trump administration has moved into its second year in office, it has laid out its vision for national security. This volume presents CSIS experts’ assessment of the Trump administration’s strategy documents and FY 2019 budgets for defense.

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NATO: Counting Dollars or Measuring Value

D360's Counting Dollars or Measuring Value series assesses NATO members and partner states' contributions to collective defense. The Series features a report and a set of interactives that evaluate countries' security investments.

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