By U.S. Navy photo by Brian Nokell, via Wikimedia Commons
Analysis / Reform

Reforming the Civilian Workforce: Two Carrots and Two Sticks

President-elect Donald Trump has proposed two goals for the federal government’s civilian workforce: making it smaller and increasing its quality. How can the administration use both carrots and sticks to achieve its goal of reducing the civilian workforce without going to war without its own work force? This analysis addresses this question through the lens of the civilian workforce in the Department of Defense to propose recommended changes.

Analysis / Reform

Defense Reform Survey

Defense Reform Survey As interest in major reforms to the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act has grown, the CSIS International Security Program has decided to create a survey to gauge public opinion on the primary contemporary problems facing the defense establishment. The survey is now closed.   View the survey results

Analysis / Acquisition, Budget, Forces, Strategy

Defense Outlook 2016: What to Know, What to Expect

This inaugural report in the Defense Outlook Series looks back at what happened in 2015, specifically with respect to strategy and the security environment, the debate in Congress over the defense budget and force structure, and changes in the acquisition system, and looks ahead to what these developments may mean in 2016 and beyond.