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Letter from the Editors: May 25, 2021

Represent Series

One year ago today, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. His death was the catalyst for calls and demonstrations in support of greater racial equity and justice across the United States and the world. It prompted sincere, eye-opening, and difficult conversations about the experiences of diverse individuals across different communities, including within our organization.

Floyd’s murder and subsequent response inspired us in the CSIS International Security Program to consider how we could make the national security field more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We launched the Represent series last October to feature the experiences, reflections, and recommendations of those working in national security who are Black, Brown, women, transgender and gender non-conforming, differently abled, and more.

The diverse perspectives of our professionals who work in defense and foreign policy are an asset to U.S. national security. Creating a more inclusive and equitable community only strengthens our interests, resolve, and messaging. We will continue to highlight the challenges within our field and amplify diverse voices. We encourage you to join us in our mission by taking the time to reflect on the views expressed in this series and sharing your ideas for future essays.


The Editorial Board of Represent

Christine Brazeau, Suzanne Claeys, Seamus P. Daniels, Kaitlyn Johnson, Beverly Kirk, and Reja Younis

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