Opinion / Forces

Making the Most of Special Operations Forces

Before putting special operators in harm’s way, the makers of policy and strategy must give great thought to the factors that determine tactical and strategic outcomes. With the demand for special operations forces exceeding the supply, the new administration must determine where scarce special operations personnel can best be employed, and where other U.S. and allied capabilities can most profitably shoulder the burden.

Photo Courtesy of Department of Defense, Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith https://www.flickr.com/photos/secdef/34758654855/in/photolist-UXvc7F-S7obTp-U6JU1y-TqyYgV-QBSxMB-QSrWnh-ULQVmU-SiGMJh-UyrJv6-UhMr1T-T3Eu3G-V6mc4v-Ut9bBu-UsCiCL-TM2jwo-U6JSSw-SygG6c-V487KT-Tk1MVQ-UPk2D5-RRJymZ-RSGkq7-VrY8U6-UXvFGM-TACLqv-T9ejhf-V33Mbo-U6JSQh-RJwscw-RXsHuR-VFB4kq-hBu5d-S7nC96-VJxUYj-TQcf3o-TqyXVp-RWx9HX-QBU34L-7uLRP8-TrmtRt-Trmwdc-mXYwU6-UQK3YL-mY1tmm-TnK2F1-6mwYw9-mXYtGr-SRmXEJ-mXYyen-SRmXSN
Opinion / Strategy

Defense Strategy and the Iron Triangle of Painful Tradeoffs

The Defense Department has begun the formulation of a new defense strategy. Amidst the chatter surrounding the security strategy effort, Kathleen Hicks explains why significant change of Defense Department direction is unlikely to emerge from the forthcoming National Defense Strategy and recommends some tools to help manage the mismatch born of ambitious goals and inevitably limited resources.