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Analysis of the FY 2017 Defense Budget

Defense Outlook Series

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The Obama administration’s FY 2017 budget—the eighth and final budget submitted by the administration—requests a total of $619.5 billion in funding for national defense. This Defense Outlook series report analyzes the FY 2017 defense budget request looking at trends in the budget, differences from previous requests, and key issues for policymakers as they consider the budget and begin looking to the next administration. The first chapter provides an overview of defense-related funding in the request and looks at historical trends in defense spending from different perspectives.

The second chapter focuses exclusively on the DoD portion of the budget request, providing an in-depth look at the major accounts within the budget and each of the Services’ budgets.

The final chapter explores overall trends and issues in the defense budget, highlighting the strategic choices made (and not made) and issues for the next administration.

DoD Budget Authority and Active End Strength, FY 1948 to FY 2017

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